SMoKE Manayunk

Cigar and Hookah Lounge

The Humidor

We proudly stock over 56 brands of premium Nicaraguan, Honduran, Dominican and American cigars. Our primary focus is BOUTIQUE. This is the equivalent of craft beer to the cigar industry. Forget about what your dad and gramps smoked, come try some of the newest and hottest brands on the market!

Brands in our humidor

1502 Cigars

601 Serie

A. Flores (by Pinar del Rio)


Aladino (Julio R. Eiroa)

Bespoke Cigars

Black Label Trading Company

Black Works Studio

Caldwell Cigar Co.

Cavalier of Geneva

Cigar Art Brands

Cornelius & Anthony

Cubariqueno Cigar Company

Deadwood Tobacco Company

Don Pepin Garcia (My Father Cigars)

Drew Estate


Epicurean Cigars


Ezra Zion

Flor y Nata

Foundation Cigar Co.


Herrera Esteli (by Drew Estate)

Hiram & Solomon

HR (Hirochi Robaina)



Jaime Garcia

Jordan Alexander III

Joya de Nicaragua


La Barba

La Flor Dominicana

La Instructora

Mombacho Cigars

Oscar Valladares







RoMa Craft Tobac

Sans Pareil

SmoKE Exclusives

South Beach Flavors

Surrogates (L'Atelier)


Ted's Cigars

The Humidour on the Hill

Ventura Cigar



Viva Republica




Thinking about bringing your own cigar? Please don't.

"If you like having a place to smoke, support it.”

I have been debating how to handle this appropriately, so I just decided to be overly transparent with my thoughts. I have invested much time and passion into building a place for everyone to smoke and relax with their friends. The profit margin on cigars is minimal. I see three reasons why this happens. First, you find the product elsewhere for cheaper. I can find beer cheaper at the distributor, but that doesn’t mean I should take it into a bar. My humidor has all sticks marked very competitively. If you find them cheaper at another B&M, then let me know. If you got them on the internet, then that is different. The internet does not provide a place to enjoy them. Secondly, I don’t stock the specific cigar. In this case, please let me know and I will make note. If you come in regularly or we have enough requests, then we will get it in stock so we can have it for you in the future. Lastly, it was a gift from someone. We understand this happens. However, that is a perfect cigar for you to enjoy outdoors somewhere.

All I am asking is that if you enjoy coming here and hanging out, that you buy a cigar from me. While we are a BYOB establishment, it is not a place to just drink. When your cigar is complete, relax for a bit and then please grab another if you plan on hanging out. My revenue is from cigars. I love the feel and charm of a mom and pop pizza shop, but if I didn’t like their food, then I wouldn’t go in there and order a pizza from a chain. I also don’t just hang out at a restaurant after dinner unless I plan to get desert or more drinks. I am completely open to discussions on this, and want to be transparent on it. This letter will ultimately change over time as I have discussions with you and form different opinions. Please feel free to discuss it with me.

Thanks, Kosta

6. Buy from the shop where you're smoking

This shouldn't even need to be said, but there's always an element that shows no respect for the establishment. Retailers don't have great profit margins, and when you bring a cigar into a shop from the outside, you are taking money from the store. If you like having a place to smoke, support it.