So, things got weird. We can’t be together and SMoKE, but we can still enjoy a good stick to take the edge off. We can’t wait to reopen our doors and see everyone, but in the mean time, we have put together these packages to help keep us in business and paying the staff and basic bills. We would love your support in this awkward time for our planet. Anything you can do, we will appreciate. Please stay healthy and see you soon!

These are monthly shipments, but are paid for in three month increments. PayPal fees are added. Feel free to call or text us directly at 267-362-9865 to avoid the fees.

  • Connoisseur
    • $40 for package + $8.50 for shipping each month – $145.50 for all 3 months
    • 3-5 cigars
  • Nerd
    • $75 for package + $8.50 for shipping each month – $250.50 for all 3 months
    • 4-8 cigars
  • Professional
    • $200 + $15.00 for shipping each month – $645 for all 3 months
    • 10-18 cigars plus an accessory in your first shipment

If you haven’t been to our shop, then you should know that we take pride in our humidor. 95% of the humidor is boutique or extremely rare cigars. We have a very different selection, so plan on wondering what half of the cigars in your package are and if you will like them, spoiler, you will! The more you commit to us, the better cigars you get and the more you save on them!

Each month will be jammed with the best value for the highest quality we can provide. Your first shipment looks like this:

  • Connoisseur $50 retail + $8.50 shipping = $58.50 total for $40 (20% off cigars)
    • SMoKE Cream Dragon Corona 😉
    • SMoKE El Ojo Rojo Robusto
    • Patina Habano Rustic
    • Warped Hacienda Grand Robusto
    • Fratello Classic Piccolo
  • Nerd $96 retail + $8.50 shipping = $104.50 for $75 (22% off cigars)
    • SMoKE Cream Dragon Robusto
    • SMoKE El Ojo Rojo Robusto
    • SMoKE El Ojo Rojo Toro
    • Patina Connecticut Bronze
    • Southern Draw Kudzu Toro
    • OSOK Cabronsito
    • Dapper La Madrina Torbusto
    • Warped Hacienda Grand Robusto
  • Professional $270 retail + $15 shipping = $285 for $200 (26% off cigars)
    • SMoKE Red Single Flame Lighter Metal Frame with Punch
    • SMoKE Cream Dragon Figuardo
    • SMoKE Echo Habano – Limited Edition
    • SMoKE El Ojo Rojo Toro
    • 2015 Viaje Zombie Antidote
    • 2015 Moya Ruiz The Rake Take
    • La Flor Dominicana Andalusian Bull
    • Sans Pareil Red Hermoso
    • Hirochi Robaina SIgnature Belicoso
    • Warped Don Reynaldo Regalos
    • Casdagli Daughters of the Wind Calico Pyramide
    • Casdagli Club Mareva Gran Mareva (Black Band)
    • HVC 500th Anniversary LE Tesoro
    • 1502 XO Lancero

Disclaimers and fine print: If we run out of stock on this first month package, then it will be replaced with something equivalent or better. Prices on the purchase buttons include the PayPal fees. Call us directly at the shop to avoid those fees.