We have a large room in the back of SMoKE.

This room is great for your fantasy draft, bachelor parties, birthdays or whatever gathering you have in mind.

This is typically used for groups larger than 6, but if you just want the ultimate privacy for a smaller group, then that is okay as well.

The VIP Room rates include the BYOB fee. No need to pay for your BYOB when you are VIP.

The VIP Room has a large sitting area, a large hightop and a poker table. 

Food is allowed in the VIP Room, but not in the rest of the lounge on the weekends.

Group Size & Rate
1-10 Patrons -> $95/hour
11-15 Patrons -> $145/hour
16-20 Patrons -> $195/hour
21-25 Patrons -> $245/hour
Larger than 26 Patrons -> Call the store

All guests in the VIP Room must be 21 years of age.